The concept of the project “Visual Story Talent Lab (ViSTa Lab Academy)” was created as a result of meetings and discussions of young people who bind their future with the film industry. Project is directed to young filmmakers – mainly aspiring scriptwriters, film directors and producers.

Young scriptwriters and filmmakers specified two main problems related to their international creative development:

  • the European film market is dominated by large Hollywood studios, and creative exchange between individual European countries is too small,
  • the knowledge of young film screenwriters on the possibilities of undertaking international cooperation and European mechanisms to support their artistic development is marginalised, and there are no educational centers that can offer this kind of educational offer.

ViSTa Lab Academy is going to become an educational event related to the development of international cooperation between aspiring screenwriters from Europe has to fill a different structure, e.g. a non-formal education program, the aim of which will be to exchange experiences that will enable both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in their future creative development on the European film market.

Visual Story Talent Lab programme is focused on experience exchange and developing cooperation between young debutants from individual European countries, creating European mechanisms to support their artistic development.

Creating a European platform for young screenwriters cooperation could become a real space of development, giving them the driving force and allowing them to go beyond the limitations related to the functioning of individual national cinematographies. In the transnational activities, implemented within the framework of European cooperation, young people interested in the future development in a difficult profession as a film screenwriter see not only their individual future, but also the future of European cinema.

Each participant of “ViSTa Lab Academy”, by sharing their experience and knowledge will contribute to enriching the multicultural character of the project. The program planned under the project will allow young people not only to develop creative skills, but also to gain practical experience and information on the rules of international sales of film scenarios, channels to reach film producers in individual countries and production criteria determining the potential success of the film in the European circulation.

ViSTa Lab Academy will be a script workshop, where students of the film schools from various parts of the world, will work on their feature film projects. An important reference point will be for the figure of Krzysztof Kieślowski and materials from the Kieślowski Archive in Sokołowsko. Kieślowski is perfect person to become the patron of modern international cinema: he was a master of feature, documentary and serial forms, and his works still are universal. ViSTa (that name refers to the beautiful views of Lower Silesia around Sokolowsko) will become a meeting place for various sensibilities and ideas for cinema, as well as a place for active learning about developing film projects.