Vista Lab Academy

I. Date and place:


ViSTa Lab Academy (hereinafter called the Project) is an educational programme for young screenwriters, directors and film producers, taking place from 24 Febuary to 1 March 2020 in Sokołowsko, Poland.

II. The formula of the Project:


  1. All proprietary copyrights to the form and artistic concept of the Project are reserved to the FILMFORUM Association , hereinafter called the FILMFORUM.
  2. FILMFORUM gives the status of the Co-organizers to the following institutions:
  3. KINOGRAPHE (France),
  4. Associazione cinematografica e culturale LABORATORIO DEI SOGNI (Italy),
  5. CINEMAHALL (Ukraine),
  6. Malta Film Foundation (Malta),

as the entities which make important contribution to the preparation and realisation of activities within the Project.


Project Producer (appointed by the FILMFORUM) and Project Coordinators (appointed by the Co-organizers) are in charge of all issues related to the preparation and proper conduct of the Project, and have a definitive vote in disputable issues not included herein, or requiring additional interpretation.


The main goals of the project are:

  1. development of feature films projects,
  2. exchange of best practices in screenwriting in different European countries, discussion about possibilities co-operation,
  3. increase in knowledge about foreign film markets,
  4. development of the network between European film industries,
  5. work on film scripts that fulfill the requirements of the international circulation of production in Europe,
  6. developing the ability to communicate the story created by the authors (film script, treatment) in a all-embracing way,
  7. implementation of concerted strategies that will change the situation of young, aspiring filmmakers (screenwriters) in Europe.
  8. development of information materials on the current situation on the film market – primarily focused on the situation and development opportunities of young film writers – in individual countries


Workshops are intended for people 18 to 30 years old (hereinafter called the Participants).


During the workshops, Participants will work on:

  1. one-page synopsis and one-page explication of proposed feature film projects,
  2. the strategies for further development of film projects,
  3. characters and plot development in films projects,
  4. developing marketing, production and co-production strategies (including financing options, obtaining information on available funds and support institutions).

A measurable effect of the project implementation will be 5 effective presentations containing examples of distribution and sales strategies of original film scripts. The aim will be to implement concerted strategies that will change the situation of young, aspiring filmmakers (screenwriters) in Europe.


Participation in Workshops is free of charge and contains:

  1. accommodation in Sokołowsko (from 24 February to 1 March 2020);
  2. travel costs;
  3. participation in all events covered by the program;
  4. catering (3 meals per day).

III. Rules of participation in the Project:


The Project participation rules are defined herein exclusively. Any promotional materials or advertisements are of informative character only.


The condition of participation in the Project is providing to the FILMFORUM correctly completed Participant’s Survey in electronic version.


Application to participation in the Project takes place in the following way:

  1. The Participant’s Survey shall be correctly completed online at the website:
  • After completing and submitting the Participant’s Survey on the website, the browser window will display a completed PDF form that can be saved on your computer. The generated PDF will also be delivered to the email address given in the Participant’s Survey.
  • The Participant must print and sign the Participant’s Survey and deliver it to the FILMFORUM in a paper version by the first day of the Project.


  1. The number of places for the Participants is limited.
  2. Decission about qualifying the Participant to participation in the Project is made by the FILMFORUM and Co-organizers.
  3. About the acceptance of the Participant for the Project decides confirmation sent by the FILMFORUM and Co-organizers to the e-mail address provided by the Participant in the Participant’s Survey.


The FILMFORUM warns that the majority of events will be conducted in English.


The Participant accepts full responsibility for the correctness and truthfulness of information provided in the Participant’s Survey. Providing untrue, illegible or incomplete personal information or not providing them at all, results in exclusion from participation in the Project.


Applying for participation in the Project means unconditional agreement to the provisions of these Regulations.

IV. Order notes:


In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code, the Act on Copyright and Related Rights and other generally applicable laws shall apply.


The Participant has the right and obligation to attend all classes (lectures, meetings, practical exercises and accompanying events) covered by the Project program.


The Participants are not allowed to smoke, consume alcohol or use psychoactive substances.


  1. The Participants should inform the supervisors of project groups about their exits outside the accommodation place after 22.00.
  2. The Participants are obliged also to follow the internal order regulations of buildings in which the Project will be implemented.

V. Additional information:


  1. All promotion materials made during the Project are the property of the FILMFORUM and Co-organizers and will be made available under the terms of the “free license”.
  2. Scenarios and detailed artistic concepts developed under the project, are the property of their authors and are subject to legal protection.
  3. Artistic convention of the materials realized during the Project must be consistent with the objectives and formula of education program.
  4. The Participant agrees to promote the results of his activities carried out as part of the Project by placing a presentations, photos, portfolio, jingle or other audiovisual work promoting the mission and educational objectives of the Project on TV and radio stations, DVDs and on the Internet web.


  1. The Participant, by applying for participation in the Project, agrees to the free use of his or her image recorded in film and photographic materials, carried out as part of the Workshops, for non-commercial activities related to the promotion and dissemination of the Project objectives, including broadcasts TV and radio stations, DVDs and on the Internet web.
  2. The Participant grants to the FILMFORUM and Co-organizers, the right to publish his image in a non-commercial usage, and allows to share film and photographic materials with his participation in publications, websites and public screenings aimed at promoting the artistic, educational and social effects of the Project.
  3. The FILMFORUM and Co-organizers have the right to dispose of rights to all materials realized as part of the Project in the following areas:
  4. cinematic operation and rental for a non-profit screening in cinemas or other public places, or for non-profit screening using a projector and screen;
  5. all public screenings and displays;
  6. presentation on TV stations and on the Internet web;
  7. all recording and reproduction (including the storage of a computer or other device), on data carriers, in digital technology, discs, computer data carriers and any other recording and storage carriers – if it is necessary to enter records of film and photo materials, or parts thereof, in the computer memory;
  8. processing with the preservation of personal copyrights;
  9. presentation in cinemas, as part of fairs, exhibitions, festivals or competitions, for research, demonstration or control purposes, as well as within education and social prevention;
  10. the right to make audiovisual and audible copies for any kind of image and / or sound media, and to rent them for non-profit public display on any type of playback devices;
  11. teletransmission of fragments in program announcements;
  12. granting further sub-licenses to the partners and third entities.


  1. The Participant consents to personal data processing and presentation for the purposes of the recruitment process and participation in the Project, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 Of The European Parliament And Of The Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
  2. The Administrator of personal data is the FILMFORUM (FILMFORUM Association with headquarters in Warsaw, Poland 00-159 , ul. gen. Władysława Andersa 35 , VAT ID/NIP: 778-141-37-39 , Stat. No/REGON: 634536362 , Reg. No/KRS: 0000178435  phone: +48 22 392 03 21, e-mail: ).
  3. The Administrator of personal data appinted the Data Protection Supervisor who inspect correctness of data processing and is available to contact via e-mail:
  4. The Participant has the right, according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 Of The European Parliament And Of The Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), to access to his personal data and its correction.


Detailed information about the Project is provided by the Organisation Offices in the following countries:

  • Poland: FILMFORUM Association

phone: +48 22 392 03 22

  • France: KINOGRAPHE

phone: +33 781 755 580

  • Italy: Associazione cinematografica e culturale LABORATORIO DEI SOGNI:

phone: +39 339 710 84 68

  • Ukraine: Cinemahall INGO

phone: +38 063 224 27 65

  • Malta: Malta Film Foundation

phone: +35 699 425 594, +35 621 227 231


These Rules and Regulations are available on the website:

The Management Board of the FILMFORUM Association