ViSTa Lab Academy is an international script workshop where participants, together with experienced experts, will develop their feature film projects and learn the secrets of film production.

During the project following activities are planned:

Presentations and discussion panels
Participants will present materials focused on the current situation on the scriptmarket in individual countries and characteristics of film culture in their countries.

Participants, based on their knowledge and individual education path, will prepare a set of issues which will be raised in the form of open discussions with professionals.

The discussion topics can be related with following issues:
– ability to communicate the created story (film script, treatment) in a universal way and sensitized to cultural differences of potential recipients of the film,
– ability to edit treatment, synopsis and logline in terms of maximum communication and language efficiency – differentiation between these forms of communicating the content and plot of the film,
– ability of continuous work and modification of the script’s text in terms of dramaturgical improvements,
– work with the text in terms of production and casting requirements,
– preparing a list of film references, enabling better communication about the project in front of external decision-makers (producers, directors, representatives of financing institutions).

Evenings with European cinema
Screenings of short film productions from individual countries participating in the project. Discussions about artistic trends, styles and genres that dominate in individual national cinematographies.

Creative activities
Series of workshops in international creative groups, consisting of the development of new, original, universal in reception script projects adapted to functioning in international circulation.

Developing the effects of implementation in the form of multimedia presentations and final creative concepts
Materials developed during the project (creative concepts, treatments, ready-made script texts) will be gather in the form of multimedia presentations. The presentations will also include the most interesting ideas for further international development of scenario projects as well as possible ways to reaching the potential producers.